AIM BIZ: How to get your work in stores (Pt 2)

BIZ: How to get your work in stores (Pt 2) #business #handmade #tips #craft

From 2014-2016 I chronicled my crafty endeavors on the site Adventures-in-Making. I’ve selected a few of those DIY’s, Recipes, and other posts to share on the site.

So, you’ve visited the store, done your research, and you’re ready to submit your work. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re reaching out to a store.

Sending a Successful Submission

Make sure to include all the things they ask for.

Chances are you will be able to send a very similar email application to a number of stores, so it makes sense to build a kind of form letter than you will add to or subtract from depending on the application guidelines. Including all the elements they ask for is a great way to show that you are organized, and interested in interacting with them.

Be compelling with your words.

If they want to know about you, tell them. Give enough positive details about you to make them want to know more. If someone likes you, they will be more diligent about representing your work.

If they want to know about your process, take the time to really explain what makes your work special. Don’t assume that the shop owner understands that you take very basic materials and do all the steps to make an amazing product. If you do all your own smelting, paperpulping, or scrounging for supplies make it known.

BIZ: How to get your work in stores (Pt 2) #business #handmade #tips #craft

Be thoughtful with your photos.

Pick quality images that represent your line, and items that you think would compliment the store. If there are specific elements that are special on your pieces, include detail photos as well.

Also be thoughtful of the size and quantity of your photos. High res photos aren’t usually the best option for email. Don’t send a photo of every item you have, limit your number to 5 or so (unless they specify otherwise) or fewer if you are also including a link to an online portfolio or shop.

Try to think of your website as a reflection of your brand that captures your unique voice. Investing time and energy in your website is also a good way to introduce your artwork to a wider audience. Need help making sure your website stands out from the crowd? A Staffordshire SEO Agency such as Ram Digital can make sure your online content is optimized for search engines so that you can gain exposure and even sales.

Include details about your pricing.

This is another time that an online shop is helpful. If you don’t have one, be sure to include the retail price of the items you are showing. Remember that you will only get a certain percentage of this amount.

Finish it all up with your contact information.

Including your email, phone number, link to your online store, and your full name and business name.

For goodness sakes…


I try to respond to everyone within a couple of days, whether I am going to meet with them or not. If it’s been more than a week, I think it’s alright to send a follow-up email to make sure you didn’t get lost in the ether. If you want to be sneaky, this is a good time to send another photo, or another detail that you “forgot”. Whatever you do, don’t accuse them of ignoring you, or forgetting you. (This seems like common sense, right?)

Hopefully this will all come together for you, and you will get a meeting that boosts you into immense success.