Historic Shell Holiday Shop

We also love to represent local artists

After closing the doors to our first brick+mortar space in 2015, we knew retail wasn’t something we could say goodbye to. We learned too much from our years representing local artists on Front Street, and were too inspired by our customers to move on completely.

In an effort to make more time for our own art and production, we started looking for temporary retail locations– and founded the Historic Shell Holiday Shop.

Beginning in December of 2015, Alison turned her retail experience (and passion) into a seasonal pop-up at the Historic Hailstone Feed Store in Issaquah’s Old Town. It has since grown into an annual winter event, featuring the work of local artists, makers, and designers. In partnership with the Downtown Issaquah Association, we are lucky enough to spend time in one of our favorite places, with our favorite people.

Historic Shell Holiday Shop

Weekends, Thanksgiving to New Years
232 Front Street North, Issaquah WA

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Looking for a curated gift shop in your space?

We are always looking for ways to share our work and the work of other artists and craftspeople. If you have a space you think would make the perfect little shop- temporary or not– we’re happy to meet with you to discuss the possibilities. Contact Alison at info@andsothere.com