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** We will be closing our Front Street store on June 14, 2015- but don't worry! Alison has big plans and ideas, and you should expect to see a brand new shop sometime in the future. Check out our home page for more information, and follow us on facebook for the latest.


frequently asked questions


Who are you?

Come in most days and you'll find Alison Lang (designer, letterpresser, and shop founder) behind the counter. She's got curly hair, and a surly attitiude. (Not really, she just really loves a rhyme.)


Where did you come up with that name?

When it came time to name the company, we wanted something a little tongue-in-cheek. We thought it was appropriate to end our greeting cards with a "So, There." As in "You're Pretty Great. So, There."

When it came time to open the store, the same applied. "We have really awesome stuff. So, There."

So, There's your answer.


Why handmade?

Handmade goods are created by people who are passionate about them, and it shows. They are unique, quality, and have a certain indescribable something that can only be called heart. Unlike big-box goods, these items are made by people who will use them, and love them, and improve them. Stop by the store, and you'll see what we mean.


Do you sell goods from local artists?

We make an extra effort to feature local and regional artists, because craftspeople around here are pretty great. Occasionally we fall in love with goods from outside our region, but in general all the products at So, There come from the Pacific Northwest.


Can I sell something at the store?

Maybe! Check out the Submit Your Work section of the site, and send us an email with photos and we'll see how you fit in. We cannot see any items in the store without an appointment, so please be sure to read all our details and contact us via email.






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