Reasons to Add So There To Your Shop

I (Alison Lang– the hands and brain) love to turn the little ideas in my head into thoughtful, useful, and special items. Many of my products are designed for and printed on an antique platten letterpress, and even the digitally printed designs have a taste of the unique character of old printing methods. All of my products are produced in small batches to reduce the environmental impact, and I use recycled and reclaimed papers whenever possible. Cards are fun, funny, and sometimes snarky. Journals are made to use and love– with some built for specific purposes in mind, and some built to be flexible. I am constantly adding useful products to the line like canvas letterpress prints and the amazing candle matches, and I love working with shops to create new designs and products that work for their customers.

These cards, journals, and gifts…


• I love making items like matchboxes, journals, and canvas pieces that can be used to brighten up life everyday.


• They are printed & bound in small batches using recycled stock & reclaimed materials.
• I process many scraps in into handmade stock for other projects.


• I work with tactile materials– like handmade, cotton, & textured stocks.
• The letterpress print leaves an impression you can feel, and unique patterns.
• The cards and journals are a joy to write in.


• I love getting feedback about my line, & working with shops to make it even better.
• Looking for something special? Let’s collaborate!


After your account is verified, you may place an order directly through the wholesale shop site, or send me an email for the current line sheet. Items will be shipped when payment is received– via credit card, PayPal, or business check. 


Wholesale price is 50% of the suggested retail price (Minimums apply). Cards are typically priced $5-6 each (MSRP) and journals run $15-25.


So There Designs are small-batch and perfect for stores of any size.
Minimum Order/Reorder : $50
Single Card : Minimum 4 per design
Other items : Minimum 2 per design


$9.00 flat rate shipping for for wholesale orders that meet the minimum.
Pick-up is also available at our Issaquah studio by appointment.
Please note that some items are created on-demand and may require a little extra time. I will contact you after your order if there might be a delay– otherwise items are typically shipped within 5 business days.


All products have a paper wrap, tag, or other marking with the item number and branding marks. In most cases I do not include a plastic sleeve, unless one is specifically requested.

Future Changes

The products in the line are printed in small batches and are constantly evolving, so products may change a bit from time to time. It’s a reflection of the process, and ensures that each piece is unique.

To learn more

Visit our about page or send a question over to Alison at [email protected].