Goodbye to Adventures-in-Making!

As of October 31, 2020 We are saying goodbye to the Adventures In Making website. Thank you to everyone who followed and supported us! You can keep up-to-date with Alison’s work at So, There – Happily Handmade in Issaquah and Rachel’s work at Rachel Beyer – Artist, Designer, Author, Maker We hope you all keep […]


Reasons to Add So There To Your Shop I (Alison Lang– the hands and brain) love to turn the little ideas in my head into thoughtful, useful, and special items. Many of my products are designed for and printed on an antique platten letterpress, and even the digitally printed designs have a taste of the […]

About Alison and So There

SO, THERE. Since 2010 Alison Lang has been printing the little sayings and characters from her head onto cards, journals, and fabric to share with the world. She uses a collection of modern and antique tools– including a giant letterpress– to print, bind, trim, and fold it all herself. She is inspired by problems that need […]