Holiday Shop opens on November 27!

Lots of things are different this year, but I’m happy to say the Holiday Shop will still be full of amazing, fun, and useful gifts from nearly 30 local artists.

We’ll be open Friday thru Sunday, 12-6PM beginning November 27th and running through December 27th (with a few bonus days thrown in.) The shop will stay open to in-store retail while it can, but this year you’ll also have the option to shop on our online shop for curbside pick-up! Watch for the shop to go live on November 27th!

I’ve been hard at work putting all the products online, and I think you’re going to find so much to love!

I don’t talk much about this, but the Holidays are often a make-or-break time for artist businesses. This year is so much trickier, which is why I felt it was important to go forward with the shop. I can still do something for local creatives, and make sure you have something unique to pass on to those you love (even if they are farther away than you’d like.) If you have the option, please consider shopping from small, local businesses. They (we) appreciate it!

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