AIM TOOLBOX: Tips for Sharpening a Grumpy Paper Punch

From 2014-2016 I chronicled my crafty endeavors on the site Adventures-in-Making. I’ve selected a few of those DIY’s, Recipes, and other posts to share on the site.

I ask a lot of my tools, which is why I forgive my paper punches when they hesitate to punch happily through yet another piece of cardstock.

Instead, I grab a piece of aluminum foil, fold it several times, flatten and…

punch through it again and again until I have a foil mess…

and a cleaner punch.

Tip shared.

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2 thoughts on “AIM TOOLBOX: Tips for Sharpening a Grumpy Paper Punch

  1. The inner foil or peel off lids from food containers (or cat food) work wonderfully for this as they are a bit thicker and save folding – I do most of my punches as soon as they begin to get “grumpy”.

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